Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday joke

This will be a weekly joke posted on , you guessed Saturday , because  a good joke is always worth remembering and sharing . In my opinion , the best jokes are always about some taboo subject , like racism , homosexuality , religion , sexual abuse ... etc . Also i think that you don't have to be a racist to laugh at racist joke , or homophobic to find gay jokes funny. As Lewis Black said " Nothing is sacred " , so please don't get offended . It's just a joke after all.

                                                 A gay dude at a butchers shop

A gay walk into a butchers shop and asks for a pound of salami .
 -Do you want it sliced ? asked the butcher
 -Mister, does my ass look like a piggy bank ? , replied the homosexual  


  1. Hm .. I quite don't understand i-OH
    okay ...

  2. Wait, what day will you post Saturday joke on?

  3. I dont get it, does the butcher charge extra to slice it?

  4. Do i smell sarcasm in the air?

  5. *whoosh* It's funny because he's gay and plans to sodomize himself with the salami. If it's sliced, there will be a bunch of coin shaped salami slices. Coins go into piggy banks, salamis go into asses. Or mouths, but whatever that's irrelevant. Nice joke, followed for more.