Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some competition

For those who didn't get the previous post , it was about my adoration to sports and overcoming ones physical limitations thus achieving greatness. Currently   my physical condition is mediocre compared to what it was before summer , which I don't like .

Anyway I've went back to gym in the middle of September , and going alone I don't have much of a competition.
 Knowing that nothing supports progress better then competition I'm calling out all fellow bloggers  to compete against me , and each other .

 What exactly will the competition be you ask? We post monthly updates till new year regarding the progress we've made towards a fitter body compared to the previous month.

I'm saying this won't be a who's got better abs or pecs contest, no , it will be who made better progress contest. The progress made is measured in Weight gained or lost , weight increased at the following exercises : bench press, squats , deadlifts and overall appearance . Everybody would post the monthly update of their progress on their blog  along with a faceless picture (or with it if you like) and i would then create post with all updates along with mine .

Bear in mind that the main reason of this is self-improvement , anyway this still just an idea what do you people think of it?   

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glimpse of Godhood

Your  knees feel like collapsing , the ground beneath your feet feels  like burning charcoal and the shoes sand paper wrapped tightly around them . You know it could all end if you want to , no one is pushing you to this , ending the run is your own decision ...yet you don't. You put one leg in front  of the other and you keep going , your lungs are on fire but you'll be damned if you stop. You've long surpassed the distance you proposed to run  and pushing yourself furthermore you feel like shit .The next step feels like it could be your last , but you make it , and suddenly all the pain is gone and with it your mind becomes blank , devoid of fear , hesitance or weakness .
You feel as if raw power was surging through your entire body , nothing can stop you  and for a moment are god . 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

ok man?

Watched Yes Man yesterday with some friends , a pretty decent movie , and it got me thinking . 
 It isn't the first movie to deal with the whole " go and live your life "theme but it's the one that presents the simplest solution to achieving that : saying yes to everything. Sounds challenging right? I mean you wouldn't say yes to stuff meant intentionally to hurt you but you get the idea.

Also not everything that comes in your way will be in the form of a "yes" or "no" question  or a "do it" or "don't " opportunity  . On the other hand maybe it isn't as hard as it seams , I mean besides taking out the garbage or keeping your place tidy is there any other situation to which you say "no" on a regular basis?

Hot chicks don't just come up to you and ask you if you want to get a ride on their scooter , there aren't any fliers with flying lessons in my area and no dude advertises his band on the sidewalk .

 What I'm saying is that most of the time in life opportunities don't just show up on your doorstep waiting for your answer.

P.S Got a garden gnome as a profile pic , is it still technically a dwarf?


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday joke

This will be a weekly joke posted on , you guessed Saturday , because  a good joke is always worth remembering and sharing . In my opinion , the best jokes are always about some taboo subject , like racism , homosexuality , religion , sexual abuse ... etc . Also i think that you don't have to be a racist to laugh at racist joke , or homophobic to find gay jokes funny. As Lewis Black said " Nothing is sacred " , so please don't get offended . It's just a joke after all.

                                                 A gay dude at a butchers shop

A gay walk into a butchers shop and asks for a pound of salami .
 -Do you want it sliced ? asked the butcher
 -Mister, does my ass look like a piggy bank ? , replied the homosexual  

Been lazy

Haven't posted stuff in a while, so i might have disappointed my to-date only reader who may or may not have gotten here by accident. Anyway I've been busy attending gym this month , and man I've got to say workouts where pretty intense .

 I've noticed that if you're a teen at the gym , whether you're a newcomer or not people are always "helpful" with advice , To helpful.  You'll see some beer-belly Bob interrupting you during stiff-legged deadlifts to point out that you're doing a back exercise during your leg training. Of course there's no reason telling Bob that yes, normal DL's are a back routine but the stiff-legged ones work out your legs instead . Then he'll say something similar to "ok then " instead of " sorry for being a stupid fuck and stopping you mid-repetition ".

Eating  6 meals a day  is similar to eating close nothing, in the sense that your "eating-joy" will vanish.
Whether if it's for gaining or losing weight , eating , if done correctly will become a tiresome schedule to keep up with your nutrients and  further loose fat.

I finish this post with the conclusion that bears are awesome .

Friday, September 10, 2010

A leap into the web

Hi dudes. I'll call myself 2D because ... why not? and here i shall dump my ideas and opinions regarding the surrounding world, cause I'm awesome and people care about my thoughts.

Sarcasm aside , feel free to stay and enjoy my mental vomit .