Saturday, September 25, 2010

Been lazy

Haven't posted stuff in a while, so i might have disappointed my to-date only reader who may or may not have gotten here by accident. Anyway I've been busy attending gym this month , and man I've got to say workouts where pretty intense .

 I've noticed that if you're a teen at the gym , whether you're a newcomer or not people are always "helpful" with advice , To helpful.  You'll see some beer-belly Bob interrupting you during stiff-legged deadlifts to point out that you're doing a back exercise during your leg training. Of course there's no reason telling Bob that yes, normal DL's are a back routine but the stiff-legged ones work out your legs instead . Then he'll say something similar to "ok then " instead of " sorry for being a stupid fuck and stopping you mid-repetition ".

Eating  6 meals a day  is similar to eating close nothing, in the sense that your "eating-joy" will vanish.
Whether if it's for gaining or losing weight , eating , if done correctly will become a tiresome schedule to keep up with your nutrients and  further loose fat.

I finish this post with the conclusion that bears are awesome .

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  1. I know how it is! I am a personal trainer and powerlifter, but I remember when I was a teen, not too long ago, and people would try to correct me, when they had less of an idea than I did!
    Stiff legged deadlifts are a great exercise, just keep doing them! Also you my other favourite hammie exercises are Goodmornings and Gluteham raise. Check them out!